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  1. The backend is used mvc framework, the front-end is a independent vue framework, how to deploy on iis to run?
  2. So if I want to create a simple web page for this project myself, what software should I use?
  3. I recently finished a project for an intelligent access control system, because I use ESP32 so I want to make an IoT, my friend recommended me to use wordpress, does anyone have a tutorial for newbies please? Here is a video of the project I created for reference.
  4. The C++ program produces an array, I want to put this array into python to do some operations, and then the data processed by python is returned to the C++ program for further processing. How do I do this?
  5. The Windows 7 flagship user login password is forgotten, using the laomaotao U disk for tutorials.
  6. #include using namespace std; struct node { struct node* head; int date; struct node* later; }; struct node* headnode()//Create table header { struct node* head = new struct node; head->head = head; head->later = head; return head; } //Node struct node* headnode(int dat) { struct node* headnode = new struct node; headnode->date = dat; headnode->head = NULL; headnode->later = NULL; return headnode; } // void print(struct nodehead,int date)//Head insertion method { struct node newhead = headnode(date); newhead->head = head; newhead->later = head->later; head->later->head = newhead; newhead->later = newhead; } void printf(struct node* head)//print { struct node* newnode = head->later; while(newnode != head) { cout << newnode->date << endl; newnode = newnode->head; } } int main() { struct node* head = headnode(); print(head, 44); print(head, 33); print(head, 22); printf(head); cout << "Really hard" << endl; system("pause"); return 0; }
  7. I can't install python on my windows 7 either. I downloaded the corresponding version of python according to the standard of windows 7, but still can't install it.
  8. Hello, I'm Callington, I'm a very amateur engineer and I hope to learn more here and to share what I've learned. Because my computer system is very old, there are many questions I think I need to ask here.

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