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Windows 98 - why the startup 'stops' 1 minute?


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I don't understand. :unsure:

Cheap router must have a known  IP address.

Then it may (or may not) have DHCP server on.

Let us assume that the DHCP server on the router is ON and cannot be turned off (nor any other settings changed because you have no access to the router configuration).

IF DHCP server is on AND the Win9x machine is set to receive its IP from the DHCP server, THEN it will have the delay/lag.

IF DHCP server is on BUT the Win9x machine is set to a fixed IP, THEN there won't be any delay.

The only problem may be if the DHCP server has assigned already the same fixed IP of the Win9x machine to another device in the network (IP address conflict).

Generally (but not always) the cheap router will have an IP of and a subnet mask of, but the DHCP server is not set to assign all IP's in the range, and - again usually - it will assign them in order, starting from, setting the fixed IP to a high number, like will normally prevent any conflict to happen.


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Seeing as Windows ME does not have this issue, it might be possible to actually fix it for 98SE.

But yes, buying the cheapest router from TP-Link or something, dedicated only to 98SE machines, is a better and more flexible solution. Used cheap routers are abundant and cost not much more than a few bags of chips and some soda :) 

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my 'Network Neighborhood'(on Desktop) is empy... i win 100% of speed on startup... so yes, was the networks adpaters.. the networks drivers must be reinstalled, but, for now, seems great.. thanks so much for all to all

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