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Hello from Romania!


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Hello from Romania!

Was lurking MSFN Forums for a few years already, and have already learnt about stuff like the Ultimate Win98 CD (which was incredibly helpful for a handful number of i440LX and VIA693/694 builds) as well as the widely known KernelEX.

Love to tinker with retro machines, and as such, have managed to build a broad range of machines. Socket 7, Slot 1, Slot A, Socket 462, Socket 370, you name it. Didn't get a 486 working yet (though I have at least three of them - a DX50, a DX2-66 and some Cyrix that the model escapes my mind now) because of those pesky and nasty barrel batteries, but I do have some rather "exotic" (if you can call them as such) Slot 1 and Slot A builds - one is a Soyo 6BA+IV based Glide machine (with a Voodoo3 no less) and the other is a EpoX EP-7KXA machine sporting a Thunderbird 750MHz (with a nice golden Geforce 4 MX440SE).

Am looking forward learning more from your forums, and possibly share some of my findings in matters of retro hardware as well.

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