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Wireless Network - my stumble-upon on how to improve speed


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Not really XP per se but sharing in case others may also benefit.

My wireless network has always had a download speed of only 8-13 Mbps on the living room computer.

But it has also always stayed in that range even when the living room Roku is streaming HD at 4-5 Mbps (bedroom Roku streams at 33 Mbps but it's six feet away from wireless router).

Those living room speeds have always "been enough" so I never really worried too much about it.

Until a new customer requested Webex meetings on a regular basis and the living room download speed had choppy audio unless the video was disabled for non-share meeting attendees.


Here's my stumble-upon  --  a program called Vistumbler - https://www.vistumbler.net/ (only tested on Win10 laptop and did not try the GPS and Google Earth features).

And a few Google search articles regarding a Roku "feature" called 'interference mitigation' (enabled by default).

Basically, against my knowledge and with no regard for "my" preference, the Roku 'by default' was using a "technology" to DEGRADE traffic on my other devices so that it could steal bandwidth for improved signal to itself!

So very very very NOT COOL !!!...

This "feature" was forcing my router to use Channel 2 (wireless should always use Channel 1, 6, or 11 for best performance).


At any rate, after a long day of research and antenna signal strength testing and disabling Roku "features", my living room is now at a 19-23 Mbps download range (even saw 26 Mbps a couple times).

The Roku's didn't change, one is still at 4-5 and the other is still at 33 - the "feature" did NOTHING to improve it's OWN speed, only to DEGRADE my other devices.


We now return you to your regular channel (1, 6, or 11).

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