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StartIsBack + WindowBlinds = Very Glitchy taskbar and startmenu


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Hi, I use WindowBlinds to skin my window borders but it seems to break with startisback. Applying a windowblinds theme will make all startisback elements glitch, the taskbar is all glitchy, windowblinds skins the taskbar and it seems like they conflict, but the start menu is just text and some very glitchy black boxes where the menu textures are supposed to be, the jump lists on the taskbar are black box where the text is supposed to be. I am wondering if this can be resolved, as I love windows 7 look and I don't want to buy start10 from same developer as I like startisback more. Any way to stop the glitches or disable one of the programs from skinning the taskbar. No process is there for startisback so I can't exclude it in windowblinds. I posted on windowblinds forum but decided to post here too if anyone can help.

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Yeah, I remember giving WindowBlinds a try with StartIsBack relatively recently. Far as I can tell there's nothing you can really do unless one side or the other patches support for the other. My recommendation is to go with another Stardock application, Curtains, which is similar in concept to WindowBlinds but way more configurable and compatible with things. I'm using it and it works perfectly with StartIsBack.

Your best bet if your set on using WindowBlinds is to use it with their start menu replacement software, Start10. You could also try your luck with Open Shell, but iirc that had the same issues with WindowBlinds as StartIsBack.


Naturally it'd be nice for support between the two to be added. However, for now, my advice is to seek out a different combination of software, as these two applications just plain aren't going to work with one another in their current iterations.

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On 3/21/2021 at 3:53 PM, Marvin_Tibblestone said:

Far as I can tell there's nothing you can really do unless one side or the other patches support for the other.

Lol, wouldn't ever count on that happening, Stardock is all about proprietary software. All their software uses their own extensions.

Also, Stardock Windowblinds and Start10 uses .bmp images to generate their theme images as .msstyle themes generally use .png images which is why StartIsBack probably acts glitchy with Windowblinds. Stardock has made it that if you want to use Windowblind themes you have to use Start10 and I don't ever see that changing, it would be detrimental to their sales of Start10.

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