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Windows 2000 extended kernel changed to French language


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I have created an Extended Kernel (BWC) English to French Translation Package for Windows 2000.

Conditions for operation of this package:

1 / The installed Windows 2000 version must be English, not French.

2 / This package must be installed from Part1.bat ,then the computer must be restarted, then install Part2.bat.

3 / If you are not serious about getting the translation, do not install the .bat files, because it will directly translate the Windows files.

How was the translation done?  What are the main files that need to be translated? And how?

1 / The Resource Hacker program was used to replace the STRING TABLE, DIALOG, and BITMAP for some files,

Including : ( Shell32.dll, Explorer.exe, Browselc.dll, Winlogon.exe, Msgina.dll ... )

Example in winlogon.exe change :


1680, "Running logoff scripts ..."

1681, "Running logon scripts ..."

1682, "Loading your personal settings ..."

1683, "Closing network connections ..."

1684, "Windows is shutting down ..."

1685, "Preparing to Standby ..."

1686, "Preparing to Hibernate ..."

1687, "Saving your settings ..."

1688, "Preparing to Standby in order to complete eject ..."

1689, "The Active Directory is rebuilding indices. Please wait ..."

1690, "Windows is starting up ..." }  To


1680, "Ex \ xE9cution des scripts de d \ xE9connexion ..."

1681, "Ex \ xE9cution des scripts de connexion ..."

1682, "Chargement de vos param \ xE8tres personnels ..."

1683, "Fermeture des connexions r \ xE9seau ..."

1684, "Windows est en cours de fermeture ..."

1685, "Pr \ xE9paration \ xE0 la mise en veille ..."

1686, "Pr \ xE9paration \ xE0 la mise en veille prolong \ xE9e ..."

1687, "Enregistrement de vos param \ xE8tres ..."

1688, "Pr \ xE9paration de la mise en veille en vue de l '\ xE9jection ..."

1689, "Active Directory reconstruit les indices. Veuillez patienter ..."

1690, "Windows est en cours de d \ xE9marrage ..." } )

The English language should not be changed in the head.

2/ There are old files that BLACKWINGCAT did not support, you can change it by replacing the English .DLL file with the French .DLL file ,then add the names of these files in UPDATE.INF .

Msgina.dll contains Windows launch bitmaps which should be changed to French graphic.




Translation package (28/01/2021) link :   https://mega.nz/file/9w0yDBaT#MaDG6oJf-5f9b6QZjjamKyajGeC0n-xpO5U6B7GH8jk

You can follow and change the extended kernel English language to any other language.

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I used all my knowledge efforts to do the translation for this package.

Most of the files responsible for the interface were translated.

You can adopt this topic and develop this project further.

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6 hours ago, Ximonite said:

You probably shouldn't have a download link to the whole OS. That might be bannable.

Okay thanks I will erase it

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If someone likes to change the Windows 2000 startup picture to the French version. So he sends Ntoskrnl.exe to his system because Ntoskrnl.exe changes if it has an extended Core.

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