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Youtube-dl 4 98SE-ME Megapack


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Current Youtube-dl and Youtube-dlc executables compiled on Python 2.7.17 with py2exe.
Almost all Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc helper applications (only PhantomJS has been omitted).
Easy switch between Youtube-dl and Youtube-dlc.
Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc GUI frontend.
Special desktop icon.
3DYD YouTube Source and LAVFiltersXP DirectShow filters.
Two media players, MPC-HC and PotPlayer, making use of the above filters for streaming YouTube content.
Silent VBS/BAT construct making use of Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc and easy to configure on a per domain-basis to extract stream adresses from web pages.
Five (six) media players, GPAC (Osmo4 & MP4Client), MPlayer, MPV, VLC and QMPlay2, making use of the above construct for streaming video from YouTube and many other sites.
One audio player, Winamp 2  for streaming audio from Bandcamp.
Google-powered and easy to modify search page to find videos on a per-domain basis. 
Easy integration in Opera 12 and Firefox (as well as other Gecko browsers).
Preconfigured portable Opera 12.02 with some extras thrown in.
Minimal trimmed-down Python 2.7.17 environment for easily compiling Youtube-dl/Youtube-dlc executables from python source yourself (including optional experimental OpenSSL 3 (TLS 1.3) files for python 2.7.17 courtesy of fellow MSFNer cmalex).


ytdlfe1.png.e95efdf67532e269d8c78edaeaf1d433.png    ytdlfe2.png.58c776af86d3d4f23563746bc813bc52.png




menuvid.png.563531d5a367429b6ef099ca303301ec.png     menudown.png.1fad813717d59e8110ea59dda7b798be.png

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rem5dmuvbu8m8ob/Youtube-dl_4_98SE-ME_Megapack.7z/file

Unpack preferably in C:\Program files and follow instructions in youtube-dl\stuff\setup.

Any question, please ask but make sure you've read info.txt in the root folder before.

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Have fun!

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