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correct way of integrating updates for windows 7 custom iso


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i was just wondering for integrating updates in ntlite, does it need to also be set in the apply page for boot.wim 2 microsoft windows setup, or does it only need to be for install.wim? reason being is because the guide mentioned below, doesn't specify that. in other words, for install.wim, i have drivers and updates listed, and for boot.wim2 microsoft windows setup. is this correct. i want to know because i want to be sure that nvme and usb 3.0 gets properly detected in setup and afterwards, as those are the drivers / updates i included. 

UPDATE - as a notice, when i tried testing out the iso burned onto a usb, with the default format settings done by the latest version of rufus, right around the part when the windows 7 logo is about finish loading, it gives a stop error, mentioning nvme.sys. the stop error was 0x0000007E. i tried various different bios settings, such as compatibility, instead of AHCI, legacy / UEFI / both, csm support yes and no, but it made no difference in progressing forward. could it simply be that the bios cant function with the loading of this nvme driver, as it is a qm87 chipset, which has no nvme slot, but that shouldn't cause issues, or would it? my intention was using the iso on builds older than 2015, as it seems for mobile devices, the late 2015 area is when they started to include pcie m.2 slots. 


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Your choice if you want to update boot.wim environment.
It's being used only during Windows install, first portion when booting.
If using at home, I don't think there can be any tricky situation.
If capturing WIM images from that boot, then at least update servicing stack (since 2009 latest ones it means cumulative update as well).

Driver integration is another story, make sure to add them to boot as well, if Storage or USB drivers.

Rufus and Win7 boot requirements belong on Rufus forum - but first make sure the correct drivers are integrated, that link you provided has plenty of info.
Maybe they also know about that exact error code situation.

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