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High disk usage while locked

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Hi there,

I've noticed something unusual lately, that being, when I come back to my system after it has been locked for a while, my hard disk light is basically solid, and I can hear my hard drive spinning rapidly. However, when I mive the mouse to wake up my computer, the disk activity suddenly stops. Is this normal behaviour of Windows, or is something not normal here?

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You say that you wake the computer. Are you waking the computer (is it in sleep?) or do you have your monitor set to sleep and not the computer?

Are you using the option to lock the system with screen saver, setting a screen timeout or manually locking with Windows+L?

If you are using the auto-lock option, does the same thing occur when you manually lock the OS? If that is the case, I would probably set up a ProcMon or PerfMon session, then lock the system, to help identify what processes are active at the time of the disk activity.

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