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Problem with nVidia driver 81.98 uninstall


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Hi guys,

I have two retro machines running vanilla Windows 98SE US-English version. Video card in both is nVidia GeForce Ti 4200, AGP 2X/4X, 64MB RAM. DirectX is 8.1. Use these machines mostly for playing older video games, or using legacy productivity software. For the games part, I often have to rotate between different driver versions, going as far back as 30.82 and as recent as 81.98, which is the latest that officially support GeForce Ti 4200.

While most of the driver versions install and uninstall without a hitch, 81.98 gives me headache every time I have to uninstall it. It throws the usual "Nvudisp has caused an error in Nvudisp.exe and will now close" and cannot uninstall. I have to go into a Safe Mode, revert to VGA driver, and use Driver Cleaner to get the job done. It is a hassle.

If someone knows how to resolve this issue, please give a hint. Forgot to mention that I have tried both the English and the International versions of 81.98, same thing - uninstall is busted.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best :-)

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I do not think that uninstalling with an uninstaller would be that necessary. Once you have installed the driver place the extracted files in a different directory to trick the operating system. Then when you want to change drivers install a standard graphics driver first then reboot then update driver to what driver you want by selecting 'specify the location of the driver advanced' like you will need to do to install the standard driver then select 'display a list of all drivers' then select the driver you want. Because the OS does not know where the installation files are you have to specify and you should be prompted to overwrite the file versions or not in which case you do. It can be a fair few clicks to install but at least you know that it is installed correctly. Perhaps the shifting of the directory is unnecessary either but have the inf in that directory as well as the INF directory as the inf file will be asked for first after it is found in the INF folder and it has to be the right one. Have you tied unofficial drivers 82.69 as an all-rounder I have had no issues with it and have used Ti 4200.

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