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Windows NT 4.0 on Gateway MX6027?


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I've obtained a very low-end laptop with a limit of 1gb of ram, so I am hoping to figure out if I can get NT 4.0 running on this little device. I have tried installing a NT 4.0 SP1 installation, but am currently having a few issues that are preventing me from updating or even installing drivers: CD drive does not appear to work under NT (says wrong function), lack of native USB support, and partitioning.

I am hoping to install Windows NT 4.0 for the fastest experience; the installation alone was lightening fast. In theory, I could put Windows ME on this laptop, but I already have a ME installation at the moment.

Back to the NT installation, I obtained drivers for most of the devices (I don't think I have the chipset driver yet), but have no way to test the drivers because the laptop won't accept any transfer media.

Perhaps I could try making a dual-boot with Windows 2000 and transfer files via partition, or (this is a very time-consuming and inefficient method) install NT 4.0 on a virtual machine and bundle it with needed files and copy to the laptop via copyzilla.

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Just installed NT4.0 IBM thinkpad, if you could just get NT4.0 with SP6 added into the iso that could make it work maybe. Try to slip in the USB support exe on winworld PC NT4.0 patches.


Best of luck,


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