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  1. Earlier versions of Windows come with CRTDLL.DLL, but not MSVCRT.DLL With a few minor patches to GCC it's possible to make it link against CRTDLL.DLL by default instead of MSVCRT.DLL. This means when you compile using the patched toolchain your program assuming it uses no features only available on newer versions of Windows will automatically work on older versions of Windows such as NT 3.51. By using the files from Mingw32 instead of Mingw-w64 it resolved an issue where DLLs would have a .tls section and LoadLibrary would fail on Windows 95 or it would cause crashing on Windows 98 or Windows 2000. I put C++ for pre-2000 in the title because I also patched out a few functions in libstdc++ which require Windows 2000 or later. If you are running Arch Linux you can checkout the PKGBUILD files. https://github.com/ComputerNerd/mingw32-crtdll If you are not a Linux person but want to use this, you can run Arch Linux using a Virtual Machine or look at the PKGBUILD files and run them manually.
  2. hpwamr, Thank you for your warm welcome. InterLinked, Given what you mentioned about Windows NT you might be interested in what I'm doing. I am working on compiling open source software to run on older versions of Windows. For example I just got Rendera (a nice painting program) running on Windows NT 3.51. Also regarding why software doesn't support older versions of NT, sometimes its for silly reasons as in it's just one function, or even compiler used meaning that there is nothing wrong with the code, it's just that a new version of Visual Studio was used to compile it so it doesn't work on older versions of Windows. Other times it could be because the application really does need a lot of features only supported by older versions of Windows NT for example it uses a newer version of DirectX, in that case it would be very costly to get it running on older versions. With that said I do share your frustration and that's why I'm doing this. Dixel, I do have experience with Lua and embedding Lua in a C++ program however I've never programmed a game using Lua. You may want to look at https://love2d.org/ .
  3. That's messed up. You should not be forced to use an APP. For 2FA they should be able to call or text you.
  4. Have you considered using a Linux live CD? This would allow you to put files on your Windows NT 4.0 install.
  5. When I run 7-zip I don't see the icons on the top bar like I would see when I run it on other versions of Windows such as 98 and NT 4.0. Is there a know fix for this? Here is a screenshot of the issue I'm having. I tried to search for this but I could not find any information on the issue.
  6. I recently found out that the FLTK GUI library could be compiled to work on most versions of Windows such as Windows 95. I cross compiled Rendera and I tested it on Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 and it works great. For Windows 95, 98 and ME you will need unicows.dll or Microsoft Layer for Unicode which you can download from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=4237 after downloading that run the EXE and put the DLL either in the same directory as where you extracted the 7z archive or in a system folder. You can download it here: https://github.com/ComputerNerd/rendera/releases/ Let me know if the program runs on the version of Windows that you use. Here is a screenshot of the program: Description from the program author:
  7. Hello MSFN users. I decided to create an account here because when I'm searching for error messages and information about Windows I'm constantly running into this website. I do software development and and I test my programs on a variety of versions of Windows to ensure it works good on Windows.

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