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Half size PCI-E WiFi Dual band BT card for XP


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I used to just have 98 and XP, which was no problem dual booting of course.
When I added Windows 8/8.1 to the system, and later 10, originally I had to go into the BIOS setup on boot and change the first boot drive to get into it.
The issue was that both Windows 98 and Windows 10 are on drive C: (Windows XP is on D:).
Thanks to advice on MSFN I was recommended to use grub4dos to get over that problem, and what I now have is two OS menus.
When I boot I'm offered XP as default, or 98/10 as a menu choice.
If I select that, I'm offered the Windows 98 boot menu, which has 98 or 10 on it, and I choose the one I want.
This works fine with no reboot necessary.

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On 11/9/2022 at 8:21 AM, Dave-H said:

I hope it works for you.
I've now changed my netbook, to a Lenovo IdeaPad, which already has a Bluetooth capable module fitted.
The 6235ANHMW would be better though, but unfortunately the BIOS will not allow it to work as it's not in Lenovo's BIOS 'whitelist'!

I just received the card, but I cannot install it yet until I receive the bracket. ;(

Is there a bios modification forum in here because I will like to release nc9b-hm67 motherboard bioses via dropbox?

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It works great.

I ordered another and a Bracket for my Lenovo T61P that I just finished rebuilding.

Installed Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 - Integral Edition 2022.9.9 CD, missed my wifi driver ;(.

I'll be more then happy to sumbit them, 38.8megs not compressed.

Just installed Dual-IDA_SATA-II_Whitelist_SLIC21_Thermal_Sensing_Error_ThinkPad_T61_T61p_BIOS_(2.29-1.08), Upgraded succuessfully.

LegacyUpdate-1.4.1.exe Didn't install though. Waiting on feedback, 

*Known Issue: use LegacyUpdate-1.4.exe

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