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Windows ME


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most/all? tweaks that apply to 98se will work here.I suggest starting with 98lite and swap in the 95 explorer shell and cut out IE and system restore,along with anything else that isn't really needed.

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You may want to take a look @ "OPPCOM ME" ??


OppCom Version 2.1

Build Date 07/07/2003


Snip from www.beta10.com website:

Windows optional component maker "oppcom" for Windows ME, returns control of your computer Back To You, the person that paid for it. By adding scripts to windows that put back in the ability to remove the programs that come built into Windows ME.

Oppcom does not remove these components. It gives you the power to remove them, or put them back, it lets YOU decide what you want running on YOUR computer.

I've used it myself, and find it to be XCLNT.

Worth a try.

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Get "System Restore Remover Pro" for one thing. Not only can it completely remove the bloated (and buggy) early version of System Restore but also Media Player 7 and Movie Maker.

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