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  1. most/all? tweaks that apply to 98se will work here.I suggest starting with 98lite and swap in the 95 explorer shell and cut out IE and system restore,along with anything else that isn't really needed.
  2. I just did an install from the floppy version under vmware,and it went without a hitch.I just made an iso and dropped a 98se boot image on it,it wouldn't start setup automatically this way but I could still do it manually..... so give vmware a go,its generally more compatable then virtualpc..
  3. thanks strek,coa2 was the one tool I could never find,and it seems to be pretty much essential to get around the problems involved with this.I may give this cd a go sometime soon.
  4. Can anyone recommend a minimal firewall,I don't need a big commercial,"automatic" beast....just something small,highly configurable,with little memory use and not bothering me all the time in the I way I remember zone-alarm did in the past.Basically a firewall in the unix style.. Also interested in a virus scanner of this style..
  5. I recommend you learn linux,with those specs you'll get good speed out of your comp but still have a modern,updated stable os....and for full responsiveness you could run entirely from the console,you can do everything fomr the console anyway,and games are going to run porrly anyway if your video card.That being said those are similar specs to an xbox with linux on it and it can run in X quite well. Or if you really don't want to use linux,grab windows 95 or 98 and strip it down to a bare minimum...a stripped down windows 9x is very fast,and if you do it right it will be quite stable.Start with 98lite(pro version),and do a micro install,and then google around and you should be able to get it running good.
  6. I'd the say the customer service pack is the same sort of thing,as the se upgrade edition which was freely distributed for a while I beleive.Guess thats the same thing here but its useless to me and possibly proves the point that the 2 cds could be combined together,as 98se is really just a service pack as far as I can tell. As for doing this some ini file editing and hexediting might be enough,but I don't really have the time to work it all out myself.I'm pretty sure its been done before though..
  7. I have heard of this being done in the past and even seen some instructions on how to do it but these instructions seemed to of disappeared and I could never get it to work in the first place for that matter.Just did a search on google,and couldn't find anything relevent,so if any has any links or can give me the gist of what needs to be done,that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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