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  1. Paragon Mount Everything, adds NTFS support to Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000 Workstation/Pro, Windows XP. Not Free Software, but well worth looking at. http://www.mount-everything.com/ http://www.paragon-gmbh.com/
  2. Im stuck with Windows 98SE, cannot afford the expense (OS, Software & Hardware), to upgrade to windows 2000 or XP.
  3. Maybe renaming MPLAYERC.EXE to MPLAYER2.exe will help ??
  4. Porkz

    Windows ME

    You may want to take a look @ "OPPCOM ME" ?? http://www.beta10.com/oppcomme.htm OppCom Version 2.1 Build Date 07/07/2003 Freeware Snip from www.beta10.com website: Windows optional component maker "oppcom" for Windows ME, returns control of your computer Back To You, the person that paid for it. By adding scripts to windows that put back in the ability to remove the programs that come built into Windows ME. Oppcom does not remove these components. It gives you the power to remove them, or put them back, it lets YOU decide what you want running on YOUR computer. I've used it myself, and find it to be XCLNT. Worth a try.

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