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is installing windows 9x with "setup /p i", the same as installing with PNP O/S setting in bios to NO?


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i was wondering if the bios has the option of plug and play o/s yes / no, if selected No, would this be the same thing as installing windows 95 or 98 with "setup /p i"? so that if the bios does not have the plug and play o/s option, then "setup /p i" should only be done if normal "Setup" does not successfully finish installation and / or buggy operation is found? how i see is that for 98SE in particular, i would WANT to have ACPI working and installed, and therefore if the bios has the plug and play o/s option, i would set to yes first, install with normal "Setup" and configure onwards, however, if installing with yes is problematic, then start from scratch with the no option with normal setup, and if the bios doesn't have the plug and play o/s option, then just setup, and if normal setup doesn't work, lastly to use "Setup /p i" or other customized switch. for windows 95, due to not having any support for ACPI, it seems like the setup /p i option should only be used if normal setup doesn't work properly and / or bios doesn't have that pnp O/S option. but would you also have to do setup /p i, even if pnp O/S is set to NO? i got the pnp bios info in the link below. 


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I think you'll never know for sure.

I mean "Plug and Play OS" Yes/No is just the name that the BIOS manufacturer gives to a function that may not (or may) be the same on all BIOSes (possibly additionally bastardized by an OEM), on motherboard "A" it will behave as in the article you linked to (and also for motherboards B, C, D, E and F) but suddenly on motherboard G it will behave slightly different (with - say - Windows 95 OSR 2.5 but not with Windows98 FE).


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