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intel pro 100 ve network connection on windows 95 osr2


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i was wondering which driver version / package can you guys confirm working for the intel pro 100 ve network connection ( mobile adapter ) on windows 95. is it for the hardware id "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2449". i do not have the entire subsys portion at the moment but i can possibly get it later. i tried the driver, but i was not able to get it working at the time. complaining on dhcp related errors in winipcfg when i tried to release / renew ip addresses. in device manager, it was listed as "working". i think i tried the 5.x family of drivers, i think it was the one ending in .34, but i also couldn't get it to work with that either, but i suspect it's possible my windows installation was somehow missing components / corrupt, as i was working with a very poor condition hard drive that's basically gonna fail soon, it has about 109,000 hours of operation on it. 

there is this driver that is ndis4 based, which i suspect could work, although it carries different files in the package, and i don't see the wol558.vxd for example, that is included in the other packages. now according to one site, windows 95 osr2 can use ndis4, and i checked my files and some of the ethernet adapters do indeed have ndis4 system files in their inf packages, such as the realtek 8139. according to another source, i think it mentioned that windows 95 osr2 or newer requires ndis4 or that windows 95 version A only required them, but i don't know for sure. i posted the links for the sources below. i would rather use a older driver for ethernet so i can just use that for all systems i test on, but at the same time, i would want to have a better idea of why i couldn't get these drivers to work. all i need is a inf package, no setup or utilities needed. would be nice if someone can upload the inf package for me to test. 

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On 7/27/2020 at 5:01 AM, Ximonite said:

Here is the latest version of Intel's Ethernet Drivers for Windows 95.

I have confirmed that this works with the desktop PRO/100 VE and Windows 95 OSR2.

thanks for the info, i was able to confirm the issue, it wasn't the drivers to begin with as did work properly, i simply didn't have the ethernet cable plugged all the way on the modem end, so it was just a loose cable problem, which can happen if your network cable doesn't have the lock clip design and / or is missing from damage. 

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