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how to install microsoft plus on windows 95


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i downloaded the windows 95 osr 2.5 version with microsoft plus integrated, however, after the "Typical" installation choice, it does not appear to install it, at least, when i checked the wallpaper part, it did not give me the option to stretch the screen. i tried to see if i can add new programs, but i couldn't find any relevant option. i installed the desktop wallpaper item, but it didn't add the wallpaper stretch option. i want to be clear that the main if not only reason i need the microsoft plus package is so i can have that added wallpaper stretch option in the system properties display window. 

i tried some file a little while back from the internet that was some kind of registry entry that was supposed to add the option for wallpaper stretching, but it didn't do anything. i don't wan't to add the entire microsoft plus package to my archived package if i don't need to, is there any way i can add the wallpaper stretch option in a easier way or perhaps something i'm missing from installation? 

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On 7/22/2020 at 11:05 PM, win32 said:

It isn't integrated into Windows 95 setup. It's in a separate folder on the CD-ROM.

thanks, i had located it earlier. installation can be done by going into specifically the "D:\plus" folder and running setup. you can unselect system agent as i believe it's unnecessary, also it may complain of drivespace 3 already installed, just bypass it by pressing ok or w.e, and all else should be fine. you can also unselect "show window contents while dragging" for better performance and unselect "show icons using all possible colors", also you can now check "stretch desktop wallpaper to fit the screen" in the plus tab that's found by accessing properties from right clicking desktop. the wallpaper stretch option is not in the same drop menu of the display adapter resolution window in which i thought it would be, no biggy, but just know that it's controlled through the plus tab.  

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