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MS-DOS 7 help


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I have been playing around with a dual-boot msdos 6.3 + 7.1 boot system. to help with a help file.

There are things to do with these DOS versions yet, but the help-system from 6.22 has been updated to include most of msdos 5.x to 7.x, as well as interesting info on pcdos, versions of programs like emm386 and msd, which shipped with dos, and even basica / gwbasic, etc.

http://www.os2fan2.com/files/dos7help.zip is the source.

The version of qbasic has a number of known patches applied, inc;luding the *.* and phatcode patches.

dos6.com is help.com, renamed so not to overwrite help, and so it's accessable from 4dos as well.

qbed.com is edit.com renamed to not overwrite edit.com.  The help and ini file are qbed.hlp and qbed.ini, for similar reasons.


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Thanks for the update!

This has been a useful and informative project, especially for those new to (or not that familiar with) DOS. (Also just as a helpful memory jogger... for, you know, *those* moments....) It's actually more-thorough documentation than the description "help utility" might suggest.

I'm wondering if there might be more interest in this if you post/move it to our DOS forum: https://msfn.org/board/topic/122965-dos-programs/

- Doug B.

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