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Notepad3 5.20.915.1

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Notepad3 5.20.915.1 (2020-09-15)




The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills!


Notepad3 tries to follow this principle, it’s a fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting. It has a small memory footprint, but is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs. Features include code folding, bracket matching, automatic indentation, word auto-completion, convert character encoding between various formats (ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-16), newline format conversion (between DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), and Macintosh (CR) formats), multiple undo or redo, bookmarks, and regular expression-based find and replace.


Notepad3 changes and improves upon many of Notepad2 and Notepad2-mod's features.


Author's site:       https://www.rizonesoft.com 
Download:           https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/notepad3 
Changelog:         https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/notepad3/update 



If you experience issues with our software or have some suggestions,
report it on:          https://github.com/rizonesoft/Notepad3/issues 


Changes in version 5.20.915.1 (2020-09-15)



  • Allow colon (:) as alternate divide operator to calculate TinyExpr.
  • grepWinNP3: default extension on saving search result list.
  • Focused-View: mode Fold-Only.
  • Mark Occurrences: show additional Bookmark (Arrows).
  • Bookmark context menu: clear marker type.
  • FocusedView Options: Bookmarks/Line-Highlight & Folding.
  • Bookmark margin context menu.
  • 1st version of Occurrences Bookmarks on Focused-View.
  • Controls to clear history (file and find/replace).
  • Using dialog RTL option for Main window too.
  • Right-to-left (RTL) title/frame layout for some dialogs.
  • Edit Right-To-Left (RTL) mode (works only in GDI device context (DC)).
  • Extended context menu (margin commands, file explorer).
  • Context-Menu to toggle margins.
  • Color-Definition Hotspots: support RGB+A (default), A+RGB and BGRA.
  • Configuration for "Search in Files" toolbar label. 
  • Configuration ([Settings2]LargeIconScalePrecent) percent to switch to bigger file types icons.
  • DPI-Aware treeview/listview lexer type icons.
  • New string "Calculate Tiny-Expressions".
  • ARM64_Build branch (Xperimental).



  • F/R Dialog: toggle "Esc Ctrl Chr", try reverse operation if no length change
  • Bad design: F/R dialog: remove auto Esc Ctrl Chr (changed to manual explicit).
  • Open Recent File: Rename the Cancel button to Close button.
  • grepWinNP3: alpha transparency on losing focus.
  • Rearange and review "File Encoding" menu to clarify behavior.
  • Default for file-encoding-tag parsing -> OFF.
  • Swap file-encoding-tag parsing priority (encoding <-> coding).
  • Revert Initial Font-Size based on DeviceCaps.
  • Initial Font Size based on DeviceCaps (=> FullHD unchanged).
  • grepWinNP3: Export search result list (NP3 enhancements).
  • Delete Bookmarks (Alt+F2): 1st delete occurrence markers then std. bookmarks.
  • Remove max count limitation for "Mark Occurrences" feature.
  • Bookmark context menu on alpha-blend FocusedView marker line.
  • Convenient message box text for normalizing EOLs.
  • grepWinNP3 and minipath: special dialog box UI fonts for Asian languages.
  • Use optimized Asian UI fonts for Notepad3 dialog boxes.
  • Focused View: scroll to current position on each toggle.
  • grepWinNP3: add OS architecture (x64) - AboutBox (GRE).
  • Replace "64-bit"/"BETA" by "x64"/"beta" to shorter the version name.
  • Title font change DPI-Awareness for About and Customize Schemes dialog.
  • Resample scaling of info-box icons on DPI change.
  • Revert System's Message box for "save confirmation" (if message beeps are allowed).
  • High Quality Bitmap resampling method (Rizonesoft Bitmap).
  • DPI-Aware About & Custom.Scheme dialog.
  • Swap Shortcuts: "Search in Files" -> "Ctrl+Shift+F" and Toggle Folds -> "Ctrl+Alt+F".
  • Review document modified handler (dirty-flag).
  • Update grepWinNP3 (GRE) version (2020-08-25).
  • Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.6 (2020-07-31).
  • Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.4.4 (2020-08-18).



  • TinyExpr: crash on rectangular selection.
  • TinyExpr: enable CP1252 operators '×'(mul) and '÷'(div).
  • TinyExpr: ignoring currency chars ("$€¢£¥") in expressions.
  • TinyExpr: "<n>=?" result not taken into account.
  • TinyExpr: inline evaluation on active option only.
  • TinyExpr: allow rh equal and questionmark.
  • TinyExpr: newline after evaluation by '=<ENTER>'.
  • Allow RETURN / ENTER after equal sign (=) to calculate TinyExpr.
  • SubMenu active marker (Occurrences Indicator Options).
  • Delete marker of (comletely) deleted lines.
  • Initial state of "Focus View" button in F/R-Dlg.
  • Buffer size calculation.
  • Running out of occurrences bookmarks.
  • Crash caused by buffer overflow.
  • Recent File List (File History): Disable OK/Remove on empty list.
  • Enhanced internal icon/bitmap handling.
  • Remove needless function.
  • F/R Dialog: Auto-Esc-Chars handling.
  • F/R Dialog: Clear F/R History - remove entries from .ini-file too.
  • Buffer to small in case of auto-esc ctrl-chars in find/replace edit-control.
  • Wrong Focused-View Mode shown in menu.
  • Try to fix (hardly reproducible) "copy Hyperlink issue (# 2202).
  • Regression: initial calculation of Print-Zoom factor.
  • Not intended bookmarker on F/R dialog mark findings.
  • Bookmark Occurrences too menu checked.
  • Scroll to cursor for selection start/end jumps.
  • Not intended "violet" bookmark.
  • Context menu procedures for Occurrences Bookmarks on Focused-View.
  • Single click in status bar's EOL segment will ask for consistent line-end change.
  • Find any next/prev. bookmark (std or word).
  • Scintilla bug fixes: SCICALL attribute (SCI).
  • Reload language resource for about-box on init (maybe language changed).
  • DPI Awarenes of window positions (default, sticky, ...).
  • Center dialo in parent (if parent is minimized).
  • Fix copy search for & path to (only one) existing instance (GRE).
  • "grepWinNP3": fix invalid searchPath Ballon-Tip handling (GRE).
  • [Settings2] filebrowser.exe=explorer.exe.
  • Text contrast on hover color hotspot.
  • Set preferred language to internal, on "not available confirmation dialog" is enabled.
  • Center system's MessageBox in parent window. 
  • Relative calculation of title font size for AboutBox and CS dialog. 
  • Unicode Point detection and enhanced Color Tag contrast on hoover.
  • DPI-Awareness of "Customize Schemes..." dialog icon eye sugar.
  • DateTime and Timestamp handling.
  • No read-only file attribute if removed externally.
  • Some more DPI-Awareness issues.
  • Ensure selection visible (scroll to current position).
  • Extend selection to next find (Ctrl+Alt+F2).
  • DPI-Awareness of About-Dlg (especially RichEdit-Ctrl).
  • Non case sensitive style attribute search (find file extensions non case sensitive).
  • Notepad3 should save (no ask) & exit on Shift+ESC Hotkey.
  • Clear selection by ESC should not populate undo/redo stack.
  • No document modified flag on forced re-decode file (recode) w/ other encoding.



  • Nop SendMsg.



  • Afrikaans (af-za).
  • Belarusian (be-by).
  • Chinese Simplified (zh-cn).
  • Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) in waiting...
  • Dutch (nl-nl).
  • English (en-gb).
  • French (fr-fr).
  • German (de-de).
  • Hindi (hi-IN) in waiting...
  • Hungarian (hu-hu).
  • Indonesian (id-ID) in waiting...
  • Italian (it-it).
  • Japanese (ja-jp).
  • Korean (ko-KR).
  • Polish (pl-pl).
  • Portuguese (pt-PT).
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR)
  • Russian (ru-ru).
  • Slovak (sk-SK).
  • Spanish (es-es).
  • Spanish Mexican (es-MX).
  • Swedish (sv-se).
  • Turkish (tr-TR) in progressing...
  • Vietnamese (vi-VN) in waiting...



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