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MBR Backup

Program MBR_Backup_x64.exe with GUI
MBR_Work.exe - Admin Launcher for Tiny Hexer, BOOTICE, Partition Info and MBR Backup

Program - MBR_Backup.cmd
Use R-mouse Menu to Run MBR_Backup.cmd as Administrator is required

Download:  at reboot.pro forum Tiny_Hexer_MBR  Or  TinyUpload  TinyHexer MBR  Or at GitHub

Make Backup of all Bootsectors of all Local Harddisks Fixed + Removable
Learn More Using the Links in MBR_bookmarks.html in Folder Help_Info

Use TinyHexer (mpth_small.exe) to Study and Compare BootSectors in Detail
Use TinyHexer for Restore of Bootsectors - Hopefully Never Needed
In any case always run TinyHexer as Administrator, otherwise you get no access to the Disk drives

Backup Contains BootSector Files for:

Guid Partition Table - GPT - First 34 Sectors of GPT Harddisk
Master Boot Record - MBR - Sector 0 of Harddisk containing Partition Table

Extended Partition Boot Record - EPBR - Beginning of Extended Partition
Extended Boot Records - EBR - Beginning of Logical Partitions within Extended

Partition BootSectors - 16 Sectors for NTFS or FAT32 and 1 Sector for FAT32 or FAT
And Partition Info File = MBR_Date_ComputerName.txt

More Info in Support Topic Tiny Hexer - MBR_Backup at reboot.pro forum

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