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Office 2003 post SP3 updates (June 2019)


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After installing Office 2003 PRO sp3 on WinXP, Microsoft Update gave me 30 updates,
sorted according to the installation order from Microsoft Update:

1. KB907417 (OTKLOADR)                   2. KB943973 (works632)        3. KB955439 (snapview)*

4. KB947319 (owc10 & owc11)           5. KB974554 (fm20)               6. KB975051 (msconv)*

7. KB978551 (irmprtidnminus1)          8. KB980923 (infopath)         9. KB980373 (outlook)

10. KB981716 (accwiz & msaccess)    11. KB2288613 (usp10)         12. KB2293428 (olkintl)*

13. KB2289163 (gpfilt)*                      14. KB2449798 (outlook)      15. KB2535812 (powerpnt)

16. KB2539581 (riched20)                  17. KB2493523 (mfc11)         18. KB2687626 (vbe6)

19. KB2726929 (mscomctl)                20. KB2760574 (msxml5)       21. KB2817480 (gdiplus)

22. KB2817474 (mso)                        23. KB2825621 (frontpg)        24. KB2810048 (excel)

25. KB2760494 (msconv)*                26. KB2850047 (gdiplus)         27. KB2863822 (outlfltr)

28. KB2878299 (mspub)                   29. KB2878303 (winword)        30. KB3203484 (gdiplus)

The KB with * are language specific, the others are global.

I think that:
14. KB2449798 (outlook) replaces 9. KB980373
30. KB3203484 (gdiplus) replaces 26. KB2850047 and 21. KB2817480
25. KB2760494 (msconv)  replaces 6. KB975051
but I am not sure 100%.

Then looking in Microsoft Update Catalog I found the following 4 new (global) updates:

31. KB4011134 (gdiplus) (9/13/2017)         32. KB4011125 (usp10) (9/13/2017)

33. KB4092464 (gdiplus) (10/4/2018)        34. KB4462154 (mso) (2/7/2019)

According to the Microsoft Update Catalog, 31. KB4011134 (gdiplus) replaces 30. KB3203484.

Still according to Microsoft, these 4 new updates require that we have Service Pack 3 for Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 installed.
Something that is not true in practice, because I installed them without Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 on my system.

All the above files (English and Greek) I made a pack that you can download.
In the pack I have added the Microsoft Office Hotfix Installer (ohotfix),
as well as a .pdf file with instructions for using it.

In addition to double-clicking, there are two better ways to install the updates:

1. Live Installation

- In a live installation, rename the ohotfix_live.ini file to ohotfix.ini.
- Run ohotfix.exe (as administrator).
- Ohotfix will install as many updates as needed.
- It does not matter if we have the PRO or the Standard version installed on our system.
- You can see the ohothix log in %temp%\ohotfix.
- If you run Microsoft Update before July 19, 2019, the above 1-30 updates will not reappear.

2. Administrative Installation

- Create an Administrative Installation Point with setup /a.

- Open with notepad ohotfix_admin.ini and correct the line
  For example:

- Rename ohotfix_admin.ini to ohotfix.ini.

- Run ohotfix.exe (as administrator).

- After a while, you'll have a administrative installation point fully up to date.

- You can see the ohothix log in %temp%\ohotfix.

If you run Microsoft Update before July 19, 2019, the above 1-30 updates will reappear.
Of course, after 19 July 2019 this will not matter.

To satisfy Microsoft Update, you have to create and merge the correct .reg file.
Unfortunately there is no .reg file for all versions of Office 2003.
For example, another .reg file is required for the Standard and another for the PRO version.
Also another .reg file is required for the English and another for the Greek or other language.
In the pack I have .reg files for the Standard and PRO version for English and Greek language.

Office File Validation Add-in
In the pack I have added the Office File Validation Add-in (KB2501584)
as well as the two required updates KB2553065 and KB2881030.
These can not be integrated in an Administrative Installation Point.
Just run them in the right order.

Finally, in the pack there is the KB2543854 that contains the APDATA.msp file.
KB2543854 is displayed on Microsoft Update on Seven or Win10 (not in WinXP) and according to Microsoft:
This update decreases installation failures for updates installed on Microsoft Office 2003.
I do not think that can be integrated in an Administrative Installation Point.

Name: Office2003_post_SP3.rar
Size: 97.666.660 bytes
sha1: 9E95811411992BA655119ACA5F52284D8B67A522
password: msfn

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