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Bare minimum patches


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Performance only patches

Like many others out there who only want to run programs on a private lan and do not care about security fixes on a unsecurable operating system.

Thats the key argument here un-securable.  I've tried 98se SP3 before SP2 98se2me.  All of those just make the computer slow. 

At this point in time 2019 I do not care about having every fix known to man for 98se,

1st I only run 98se on Retro hardware that is already slow, like pentiums 2s and 3s maybe even less.

2nd I only play games or toy with old programs.

3rd only network connectivity I use is local but I do care about fast lan connectivity.

I have some Idea of just basic patches like TCP 1.4. IOS.sys, larger capacity drives etc but what I want some advices on is a list of only fixes that increase performance, and stability.  probably under 20 hotfixes or less for 98se.

Maybe a clear guild for patches for network only, HDD, ram, cpu, video, sound etc and stability for just runing games etc that increase speed and stability.










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WinME could be considered with FAT8 it will be faster. It will work with small amounts of ram but of course depends on what programs you run.  I watched analog TV with ATI All in Wonder and their software on P111 with 32GB of RAM. I did an experiment with 16GB and the TV program did not have enough free RAM to start up. Turn off system restore.


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ya, I install 98lite chubby after that what I do is uninstall Internet explorer.  That way you still have pointers and support for some applications that use IE help engine, and IE rendering engine. 

I been successful in just installing the IE 5.5 sp2 core files from SP3 not the SP itself on top of uninstall IE with chubby and gotten applications that complain about needing IE 5.5 Installed. 


There is a procedure tho to run chubby + no IE + 5.5 sp2 core files + the updated Explorer/2000 theme + Rp9.  This method is the best I found.  But you can run that without installing the 100s of patches.

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