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Broken "as a web page" and Laggy USB Mouse


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so about another month another system in my home (i like building these and giving out to local friends intrested in retro computing) this time i got my mits on an Dell Optiplex GX260.

Driver acquisition was easy as its hardware was supported and everythings still up on Dell's Support page nothing wrong here but its post-setup after windows things go wrong.

(here's what i did in order)

Install 98 and wait for first reboot, boot using floppy and install Rloew's Ram patch.
after Windows 98 Finishes, install system's Drivers
Install Universal USB for Windows 98 (NUSB33e) n Reboot (this is where USB Mice break for the first time on me)
Install U98SESP3 Main Files first (this is where "as a web page" breaks) then everything else marked "Install Separately" One by one
Reinstall Rloew's Ram patch due to what U98SESP3 updates (maybe i should of just removed the extra ram untill i got this far in the first place?)
Install everything else for U98SESP3
Installed KernelEX 4.5.2
Update to 4.5.3 Beta 18 (breaks and at boot "Cannot find Kernel driver") forcing me to install over it Beta 17
(then my usual list of games etc)

This is the first time i've had As a Web page view break and the Mouse move so laggy (its a 1 in 3 crapshoot on boot if its going to be like that or not, if it lags , reboot till it doesn't) any idea Why the mouse is like this and why the "As a Web Page" view is broken? (things that display on the left side display and/or the entire folder view breaks not listing folder contents when stuffs clearly there by changing to view - details)

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To not have the Web Page view broken, install Internet Explorer 6 before installing Main Updates from the U98SESP3. You can try also installing it after Main Updates.

As for the laggy USB Mouse, please not that U98SESP3 already includes unofficial USB 2.0 drivers, though they have to be installed manually and are not listed in the installation options. They can be found (after installing Main Updates) in the System folder under the name: U98SEUSB.EXE.
However, before installing them, consult the manual that shows up before selecting the installation options, it mentions how to properly install them, also make sure to use a PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse before installing any USB drivers, as otherwise you might lock up your system with no working USB devices and no way to exit the New Hardware dialog.


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i couldnt install IE6 Post U98SESP3 for some-reason (it'd create the setup log blank then would be unable read from it,) because it doesnt take long to wipe clean n rebuild, i formatted the hard drive n tried again,

Now at some weird random point the Video adapter and a system Device is conflicting. (i had planned to remove the extra 1GB Ram to get everything installed n patched then put back in to get around some of teh headache having 512MB+ Ram causes)

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Use the following procedure with my RAM Limitation Patch to minimize difficulties with extra RAM.

Wait until the first crash during Installation before applying my Patch.

Uninstall my Patch, Install U98SESP3, then Reinstall my Patch without rebooting in between. Then reboot.

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Well so far so good, clean install did as @rloew suggested , everythings installed atm except the extra stick of ram (it's late here and im winding down for bed) but miltiple reboots no laggy mouse and since installing IE6 before anything, no broken "as a Web Page"

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