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How can I fix this border issue?


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It seemed this issue was gone for me when I upgraded to 1.5.10 but today it randomly came back when I was experimenting changing some colors (but never saving) via the GUI. I had no borders, then once I clicked "Revert" after looking at different accent colors, I had borders.

Here's some screenshots of what I'm talking about specifically.

border1.PNG.13b30e09bd42e00ee679b104e4da9e26.PNG Around certain Windows windows there is now a black border, but on windows like the File Explorer the border color matches the accent color so there appears to be no border.
border3.PNG.68e2d8386821d7bb9c26775ae84e66ce.PNG See?

Lastly, it seems like on certain windows it draws an opposite color border that is white border2.thumb.PNG.5fce151e38991add713ae0eef6b7dfe7.PNG Notice the arrows to point out what I'm talking about.

I can't find any settings in the GUI to change those colors/values and I never did anything intentionally to make those appear. Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to do to get rid of them or to change them?

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Nevermind. I found out how to fix it setting Color Balance to 100 and found there is a bug associated with it.




Hope that this stuff gets resolved internally soon.


Thanks bigmuscle!

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