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How to Install Windows XP into 2nd partition and get C as SystemDrive?

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When installing from C: which is a DOS FAT32 partition on the drive, the XP setup ends up to the D: drive letter as expected which is NTFS partition.

How I get the C: drive letter (SystemDrive) on Windows XP which begin to install into the second partition (or into 3rd partition etc.)?

Is it possible for the XP setup to use the C: drive letter when was used initially by the setup at any other stages like T-whatever?

I want to have Windows in C: where the C is assigned to second partition (or 3rd etc.).

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Once said that having a C: drive letter for a Windows NT install on a multipartition system "forcing" a drive letter assignment is a good recipe for having issues - before or later - it is perfectly possible to make this forced assign, but of course you cannot have C: if that drive letter is already assigned to an existing partition.

You cannot run the install from C: and expect that a different partition will get C:, you need to first "force" the FAT32 partition to get another drive letter and then "force" the NTFS "target" partition to become C: using a migrate.inf file:


or hiding the FAT32 partition (and other partitions if needed) so that automatic drive letter assigning actually assigns C: to the "target" NTFS partition.



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