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(Trying to) Make 98SE2ME work with Spanish Win98

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So I tried to replace the Win98 Shell with the Windows ME one using the instructions from 98SE2ME, and...


It works? Sort of?


Not everything works, though...


I know that I'm missing some patched system files, but there are obviously not available in Spanish.

How can I translate those patched files?


Thank you!

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READ1ST.TXT firmly states:

"EXTREMELY IMPORTANT...98SE2ME works ONLY *IF* AND *WITH*: ... Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) 4.10.2222 (A) English ... [and] ... Windows Millennium Edition (ME) 4.90.3000 English"

So Spanish is not supported. You have confirmed that the obvious possible solution does not work. It might be possible to make it work, but it is up to you to figure out what needs to be done and how. You really don't want to get into translating resources. Maybe try discovering which files are patched and write-protect them so they don't get modified (patches are for English versions only).

See msfn.org/board/topic/128115-98se2me-in-spanish/
and msfn.org/board/topic/46349-98se2me-killer-replacements-me-98-se/

98SE2ME automates ' "transplanting" 700+ newer ME system files onto 98 SE.' You can try to do this manually--just transplant a few similarly named files at a time. Revert and skip any that don't work--you can try them again later (they might have failed because of dependencies that hadn't been updated yet).

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