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Any single-issue security updates for win-7 (past 2 years)?


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Are there any single-issue (or vulnerability-specific) KB updates that are available (somehow) for win-7 that have been issued during the past 2 years -> that are not part of a roll-up package that contains god-knows what-else?

If so, what are the KB numbers for them?


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I don't intend to install any specter-related patches because (a) my system (most systems) will take a performance hit, and (b) is there even an active threat going on with this (for single-user home/soho systems)?  Regarding SMB, I take it that kb4012212 is what I want, which I can get from https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/search.aspx?q=kb4012212

and there should be no other MS spyware/telemetry in that - right?

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