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Proxomitron Reborn

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Not 100% sure this is the correct place for this but it is a 'software' program I guess. For anyone using the Proxomitron created by Scott R. Lemmon years ago ...

Scott R. Lemmon - Wikipedia


Over at the 'The Un-Official Proxomitron Forum' there is a member by the name of Amy that has been working on Proxomitron for over a year looking for bugs and fixes ... the project has been named Proxomitron Reborn and she has released the latest update on Sep 04, 2018 ...



Sep. 04, 2018, 02:45 AM (This post was last modified: Sep. 05, 2018 02:50 AM by amy.)


 RE: Proxomitron Reborn has been released! This fixes a lot of latent bugs which Scott never got around to (and some, like the multithreading ones, which wouldn't have been visible nor easily reproducible on the single-core hardware of the time), so it can be considered the first improvement release of The Proxomitron since 2003!

Quote:- Fix opening local file URLs
- Fix buffer overflow in proxy test function
- Stabilise and refine header filter ordering - URL: filters are now applied first, and also show first in the list. They are sorted respectively alphabetically.
- Clarify file URLs for opening blocklists: URL commands must be enabled to do so, and if not, a warning message is shown.
- Fix date checking for If-Modified-Since in local file requests. Original code would always respond with "not modified", possibly causing caching problems with local file replacements.
- Fix Show URL in browser for https and add option to include scheme. When adding a URL to a blocklist, the menu option to open in browser was broken for https URLs. Now that has been fixed, and a checkbox added to allow you to include the scheme (https:// or http://) when adding to the list.
- Fix unintentional sign-extension in base-64 encoding. Non-ASCII basswords and such should now encode and decode correctly.
- Fix allow IP range comparison. This was accidentally introduced in the rebuild and not in 4.5j.
- Fix duplicate load and image handle leak when loading textures
- Fix tray icon tooltip (now it says Bypassed when... bypassed)
- Fix memory leak in $STOP()
- Fix memory leak in SSLeayShutdown()
- Fix handling of FEXTRA and FHCRC for gzip format
- Fix Allow for Session certificate dialog with multiple parallel connections. It will not continue asking the same host if you have multiple parallel connections and already said Allow for Session once.
- Fix erroneous check of return value when setting OpenSSL certificate callback
- Fix header filter count decrement race condition. No more erroneous "Filters In Use" with 0 active connections
- Fix saving and restoring window sizes (for multiple-monitor users)
- Fix multithreaded OpenSSL initialisation race condition crash
- Fix positioning of context menus for multiple-monitor systems
- Various cleanup/removal of dead-ends in code.

Thanks for all the feature suggestions --- better SSL/TLS filtering support seems to be "most wanted" at the moment, but here's a list of things planned for 4.6:

- Generate and cache appropriately-named certificates (like ProxHTTPSProxyMII, but integrated)
- A way to better manage the Certificate Error exception list and make it persistent (how about in blockfile format? )
- Allow local.ptron and proxy itself to be accessed via HTTPS, although I'm not sure what browsers can make use of the latter
- $REM() for comments in patterns (requested by mizzmona)

The following 7 users say Thank You to amy for this post:
soccerfan, mizzmona, prxymouse, zoltan, referrer, usr, Callahan


I mention this for anyone interested in and still using Proxomitron.


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