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New Task Scheduler vulnerability (Win-7 / XP affected?)


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I'd like to know if win-7 and XP is also vulnerable to this - and how exactly does this thing get into/onto a system in the first place.


It's a little over a week since a vulnerability in the Windows Task Scheduler was revealed. A patch for the 0-day has been released by third party security firm 0patch, but there's bad news for anyone who hasn't secure their system against the security threat -- malware writers are already taking advantage of the flaw.

The exploit was partly facilitated by the fact that the source code for a proof-of-concept exploit for the ALPC LPE vulnerability -- as well as a binary -- was published on GitHub. Now a group that has been named PowerPool has been spotted using the code in a malware campaign.


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better finish it


the threat actor used a flaw in the SchRpcSetSecurity API function to gain write access to the file GoogleUpdate.exe. Then, the explanation continues, "they overwrite it with a copy of their second-stage malware in order to gain SYSTEM privileges the next time the updater is called". The second-stage malware is a backdoor.


good I say !

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