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X-Wing game crashing to desktop Win98SE


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Try these solutions:

1. Limit the RAM to 512MB, put MaxPhysPage=20000 in the [386enh] section in the C:\Windows\System.ini file

2. Use older drivers, not 81.98, but 45.23, you can find them here:


The uninstaller from 81.98 drivers does not work, you should be able to install them anyways.

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Thanks Mr Mateczko for the suggestions.  The weird thing is before my HDD crashed, X-Wing WAS running beautifully on 1gb RAM and Nvidia’s 81.98’s. But for whatever reason now the game crashes to desktop.

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I'm downloading the game to just test it for you.  What trouble shooting steps have you done if any?

 I heard there are 3 differn't versions of the game. 1 of them is a DOS version. 

Have you tried setting your resolution to 640x480 before you run the game,?  

Have you tried deleting the game and registry keys and reinstalling?

Have you tried editing the games config file.  

You asked about Config.sys and auto exec files but you are trying to run the game from windows?  That seems to me that is irrelevant. Unless you are trying to play a dos game.

If its a DOS version than you were checking your directx that would make no sense at all.  And if thats the case have you tried running it from pure dos?

There are so many things that you could be doing to trouble shoot the problem.

Have you run a scandisk since your HDD crashed?

Have you run memtest86 to check that your ram is still good?

Have you tried down clocking your CPU in case the porblem is your computer is too fast?


Have you checked that you have no hardware conflics on your audio card from the device manager?

Why do you have so much stuff in your autoexc bat file.  Have you tried backing up your files and just creating a blank new one?  You can always put it back

Would you mind posting your autoexc file for us so we can take a look at it and your config sys.

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