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Easy over-installation ?


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so issue I have is a modified win7 (reduced size, removed components bla bla bla)
question is, is there easy way to "over copy" (or install) full-blown // untouched OS from DVD/ISO
without going through format and all driver crap detection while leaving Program Files (and apps) intact ?

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First make a backup of current system, then try running it from your actual OS and during install select update keeping your documents and programs. If you didn't remove all required in order to run the install this way it should work, but it may not remove some components if you are looking for a lighter install.

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wow sometimes i just amaize myself how dumb but easy things i do hahaha

so the way to bypass "corrupted component store" error (if you trimmed your SxS folder)
1. copy your current WinSxS folder somewhere....
2. take ownership of \Windows\WinSxS folder
3. copy BACK from untouched source (iso/wim) WinSxS and Merge with your current one
4. (just to be safe), copy over/merge the backuped one with one in your Windir

and voila, you can install updates now with no problem :P
your "comp. store" is now "fixed"

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Well, what about storage space?

Most WinSxS files are hard linked by default.
However there are double files at the hard disk now.
The WinSxS files are not hard linked anymore. They require more space at the hard disk now.

The files can be hard linked again.

To select the double WinSxS files:
finddupe.exe -bat hl.txt -hardlink f:\
findstr.exe /I "winsxs" hl.txt > hl.cmd



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