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Windows PT-PT Update Repository

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I've been meaning to do this for some time now, but I finally got the will to do it... Introducing the Windows PT-PT Update Repository! Feast your eyes on over 400 updates for Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 combined, all localized in Portuguese of Portugal. Including some XP hotfixes recomended by this board, old Internet Explorer and Media Player versions. Might not be for everyone (heck, who here speaks the tongue of Camões?), but I think it should still be here for posterity's sake, and for any Internet lurkers we might find, who will most certainly need these updates.



Why didn't you include the updates for XP x64 or Server 2003 x64?

These version of Windows are not localized for PT-PT.

I'm not seeing update KBXXXXXXX!

Let me know and I'll be sure to track it down.

Where are the XP Embedded updates, that go past XP's EOL?

Since updates for that version of Windows are still going, I plan on adding them AFTER 2019, (hopefully before Microsoft pulls them from their servers, like they did to Windows 9x updates in 2009 :thumbdown). So here you'll find updates for XP until April 2014. Now available inside the Windows XP folder.

How did you do this?

I used a nifty tool called Portable Update, that uses the OS's built in Windows Update engine to track down needed updates and download them into a folder. I did this to fresh installs of 2000, XP and Server 2003, with only a few updates needed to get the Update engine going (like Windows Update engine 3.0, Internet Explorer 8, Windows Installer 4.5, ...). You can get the tool here if you plan to do what I did, but for your native language.

For Windows 9x I mainly used Archive.org and a ridiculous amount of FTP archives and collections I found around the Web through extensive search. Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 were downloaded directly from MS in 2018!

Do you plan on doing the same thing for Vista/7/8/8.1/10?

Starting with Windows Vista, updates have been language agnostic, meaning the update file already contains all the files for all supported languages. This means there's no need to collect updates specific to one language (except for a few isolated cases, like Windows Live Essentials, Windows XP Mode, ...). So the answer to that is maybe.

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Updated link and references
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Hi greenhillmaniac,

A few years ago (February of 2011, so a few months before the windows v4 site shutdown) I retrieved Windows ME updates in order to install them on a machine that had no internet connection. On the other day I stumbled across these while looking for a file, so if any tuga is interested in this, here they are in their PT-PT glory:



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Hi! Could you update the links for the W2K updates? I'm trying to make an updated W2K iso in PTG and sadly those mega links are broken and I cant find these updates anywhere else.


Also it would be nice if someone had the windows 98 updates in ptpt...

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On 10/11/2020 at 10:31 AM, Regele said:

Do you still have the updates? If so please update the links because these are broken. :D

Forgot about this thread. I rearranged some items in my Mega account, and those links got expired. I'll update them as soon as I can.

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To everyone: sorry for not updating this thread when I said I would. I'll be going through my external HDD and uploading all of the updates I have onto Mega. This includes the Windows ME updates provided by @RoboSkirt (seriously, much appreciated!) and some (not all) Windows 95 and 98 updates in Portuguese. I manage to scavenge a lot of them through archive.org and a heap of other collections. These include:

  • Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
  • Windows Media Player 6.4
  • Windows Media Player 7.1
  • Windows Media Player 9

You get the picture. I've also got Windows POSReady 2009 updates, since that has also gone EOL in the meantime. Windows 2000 also includes a whole lot of Hotfixes not released on regular Windows Update.

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Thank you very much for this! Your work is really helpful to the portuguese software preservation/retro gaming community. Sadly most of these updates were lost time and this is the only place where we can find them as of now.

A few weeks ago I also found this Portuguese Multilingual User Interface Pack for Server 2003 64 here: https://vl463l.s.cld.pt

It also installs on XP 64 but only translates some UI elements while the rest stays in english. Not sure if it's worth something or if you already got it but it's here. Feel free to add it to your updates repository.

Once again, thanks very much for providing us this rare updates in the Camões language :D

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There, the Mega link is updated. Enjoy :)

Since this update repository is now a bit more generic and not necessarily NT 5.x oriented, I'm not sure if the topic should be moved. I'll leave it up to the moderators to decide it.
Also, I don't know how to put a link in spoiler tags, but I think they would be appropriate for the repo link. If anyone wants to tell me how to do it, I'd appreciate it.

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Thanks. I'm already downloading :). I'll try to make an updated portuguese Win2k ISO with HFSLIP using all these updates.

Also thanks for the 98se updates, even if some are missing those are quite rare and difficult to find.

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