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How the hell can I get rid of, or turn OFF powershell in  Windows 10??  Google searches just return nonsense about how to uninstall OTHER apps I want to just GET THE f*** RID OF "POWERSHELL" COMPLETELY so I can open a damned COMMAND PROMPT on right click.. W10 DISABLED my registry setting to do that  the "FATHERLESS INDIVIDUALS!" I'm getting seriously SO FRUSTRATED that if it requires booting Linux and DELETING the damned powershell.exe I will.. and if THAT results in Windows failing to boot.. then Linux here I come PERMANENTLY.


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Already did the first, and my frustration is mainly because I already added it to the context menu manually.. and how dare they undo that?

Further I *used to get* (back in Win 7) the same context menu whatever folder I was in, in W10 it changes randomly according to I know not what criteria, and items I want there in whatever folder I'm in are only available in others.

I do not like powershell, and use it only when I strictly must, for things I can't do some other way.  If I didn't have to keep my hand in with Win10  because I'm the family IT guy, I'd be sorely tempted to ditch Wndows altogether Win 10 STINKS.

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