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USB cam software

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Ok, so I bought one of those el-cheapo (and no-name) USB endoscopes/snake cameras.

It comes with a (crappy enough) software for Android with no particularly useful functions.

I quickly checked what was around for Windows (Windows XP) and found a number of equally crappy camera viewers and a few with some more functionalities.

The thingy is a "normal" USB 2.0 camera, just like every other "webcam", with a limited resolution of 640*480 and 30 Fps, with a view angle of 67-70° and all in all is not as bad as I would have expected for around 10 €, and given its 7 mm diameter it is quite handy.

It has already largely repaid itself by allowing me to recover some screws and nuts (don't ask) from inside a washer (meaning a washing machine) and to inspect a drain that I could not clean thoroughfully (also don't ask, but there was a cap from a shampoo that allowed the drain weasel to go through so it seemed clean while it stil prevented almost completely the water to flow away)

Among the software I found mention of note is Securcam 2:

which has some features (#3 is fine, but the #1, #2 and #4 in a separate "settings" window not so much):

1) possibility to flip the image horizontally and vertically

2) possibility to rotate the image (by 90,180,270 degrees)

3) possibility to superimpose date/time

4) the possibility to automatically take snapshots (as .jpg) at a given interval (besides making videos)

and a couple ones from here:


oasis.exe that has:

5) a digital zoom of 25%, 50%, 75%

6) possibility of setting manually the exposition (that is set automatically by default) and that is the only regulation with this particular camera (here also the setting is on a separate dialog/popup window)

smart_camera.exe that looks a tadbit nicer (but is a mass of bloat at 1.9 Mb when compared to the 640 Kb of SecureCam2 and 721 Kb of oasis.exe) has #4 and #6.

Now the question is, what other little (possibly portable) program for using the camera exist with all the above features (possibly with a more ergonomic way to change settings while using the camera)?





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