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KeyX (or WinKeyX, as will better song?) - 9x explorer hotkey extender


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Very little and simplest tool, which just add some usefull (at least for me) standard hotkeys from win7 explorer to 9x/2k/xp...

Also want ask you, what name for it utility will better select - KeyX, or WinKeyX, or some other? :D

Already implemented hotkeys:

Win + Up Arrow: Maximize/Restore
Win + Down Arrow: Collapse/Restore
Win + 1..9: Run icon at position # in Quick Launch Bar (Pinned Apps replacement)


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KeyX sounds fine, there is too much software starting with Win at the beginning :)

The program looks like a good foundation for a much more advanced hotkey utility, like replacing the existing ones/making new ones by user/making screenshots on the fly/other hooks to make hotkeys off like shutdown/register DLL with a hotkey? I'm just giving ideas, I don't know what you want to do with this software in the future :)

Also, totally offtopic: Can you re-upload the Odyssey Client installer by you? The original link has expired.

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I want just make simple tool for myself, not that overloaded monster as rp9. I can add more hotkeys, if u suggest, but without possibility for adding user-defined keys... For that tasks there exist many other big apps. Powerpro, for example - is nice tool!


I re-upload oac in WiFi topic, but I'm not sure, that link will actual long time. File-sharing services usually del rare downloadble files. 

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hello :) make little update...
new hotkeys - Win + Numpad 1/2/3 (when Numlock is ON), will force almost any window to maximize for all desktop HEIGHT with setting 4:3 aspect ratio for CLIENT AREA of window. 1 - aling LEFT, 2 -  CENTER, 3 - RIGHT.

i found this usefull for VM's/Hardware Emulator's windows. now it look as if u have real 4:3 screen inside ur modern 49" ultrawide LCD... :D EVEN IN TEXT MODE!

also here added very limited tray icon way as workaround for PCem and clones, which dont allow hotkeys work as normal...





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have some news... keyx ver 191027 will dropped, ie reverted to ver 190424.
it was bad idea. instead improving KeyX, now i write new tool, specially for VM window resize to aspect...
new tool is bit more smart. :D it will called from Window Menu via right mouse click on window header - no more idiotic workaround for PCem etc.
alse new tool will look real guest area size, w/o menubar/statusbar. ie aspect 4:3 will very precise...

now i want ask,  what name is better for my new tool (Virtual Machine [Guest/Client] [Window/Area] [Sizer/Resizer]):
VMCAR/VMGAR/VMGASes :thumbup/etc... or somewhat other?

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