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Missing Components - Harkaz's SP4


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I'm running nLite on Unofficial SP4 by Harkaz. After the installation some components are missing:

1) OOBE folder is present but all files are missing and all subfolders are empty:


2) Logical Volume Manager won't start (error: The RPC server is unavailable)



3) msinfo32 won't start or is missing (I don't know where exactly it should be located, it's not system32 folder).

4) mspaint.exe is missing in system32 folder.

5) User Accounts won't start so it's impossible to setup classic login dialog box.

I have installed the full SP4 (created without using nLite) on the same machine and there are no problems. But it's an older computer with a single core AMD64 and the full version takes too long to boot, probably because Harkaz's SP4 includes .Net 3.5. After .Net is removed with nLite SP4 boots and runs very fast.

The machine had originally XP MCE 2005 installed (so the activation key is for MCE) and SP4 was build from the official XP Pro SP3 iso. This discrepancy was taken care of by changing Channel ID and CD label to OEM. Such a workaround usually works ok because MCE is based on XP Pro.

Channel ID ( /iso/i386/setupp.ini )
76487000 => 76487OEM

CD Label

SP4 source was created mostly using command line:

a) CD burnt from the original iso

sha1:  1c735b38931bf57fb14ebd9a9ba253ceb443d459

b) contents of the CD copied to hard drive using xxcopy utility

xxcopy  X:\  P:\XPCD\  /CLONE /V /PB

c) SP4 integrated into SP3

P:\WindowsXP-USP4-v3.1b-x86-ENU.exe /integrate:P:\XPCD


For reference, Harkaz's SP4 is available here:




Ref. 4) mspaint.exe is missing in system32 folder
The workaround for this is to place mspaint.exe in <components - advanced - keep box>.

Ref. 5) User Accounts won't start so it's impossible to setup classic login dialog box.
I have set classic logon in <tweaks - general - boot and shutdown> but still get the Welcome screen.

Last Session.ini

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I have run nLite with the same settings on SP3 source  (created from the same iso file) and all components are present after XP installation. So the problem seems to be poor interaction between Harkaz's Unofficial SP4 and nLite, at least with my particular configuration. I'll try another SP3 update pack instead.

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Well, it sounds just "normal" to me.

At the time nlite was tested by n people and Nuhi did change nlite to be compatible with SP3, afterwards nlite devlopment was discontinued and it is to be expected that this or that glitch with unoffical SP4 happen.

There is a Harkaz's Unofficial SP4 theead on MSFN also (just for the record):


The Unofficial SP4 can be also integrated via nlite, maybe this makes a difference? :unsure:


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Thanks for your suggestion and the link. I have created a new USP4 installation, this time using nLite only, so the integration of SP4 into SP3 was done by nLite and not from the command line. Unfortunately this didn't solve any of the problems described in the first post.

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I have replaced Harkaz's USP4 with XPSP3 QFE Update Pack and everything works ok now, there is nothing missing. I have actually removed even more components and made more tweaks in nLite than I originally did with USP4.

Harkaz's USP4 is a "service pack" so it doesn't require any third party utilities for integration into SP3 source, it can be easily done from the command line (as shown in the first post). XPSP3 QFE Update Pack, on the other hand, is an "update pack" and can only be integrated using nLite or RVMi, so all testing must be done using those two utilities.

Unlike USP4, XPSP3 QFE Update Pack and related addons are still actively developed, so the system is up-to-date after the first boot.

For the record, the update pack and addons integrated into SP3 source were as follows:





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