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New Dell Laptop - Trouble Running Programs Off USB


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XPS 13 9360 here.

I'm trying to run Derrick's Boot And Nuke off of USB and getting a black screen when starting the program into interactive mode or executing a nuke command. However, I do get DBAN's initial start screen (won't go past that). I've created and used USB installs of DBAN and clonezilla countless times on other machines without issue prior to this. No dice trying legacy options, disabling safeboot, and other boot options in bios. Same with clonezilla, the program would initiate, but launching in after the beginning screen it would go blank. Not sure what's up with this machine or how to fix it.

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Taking a wild guess, I'd be inclined to think that the hardware is "too new" and not supported by the Linux kernel in use on the DBAN and CloneZilla disks.  If the installers for something like Arch or Gentoo boot (they tend to be up to date) then it's a case waiting till those utilities get updated.

Meanwhile something like Macrium Reflect Free will clone / image your drives using the rescue media only once that's created, and the WinPE rescue media it creates will also give you access to a command prompt, after launching DISKPART within that and selecting the correct disk CLEAN ALL will write 0s over the entire disk, which is secure enough.

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