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WPIW & Kelsenellenelvian retiring

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WPIW.net domain is up for renewal in August. I have decided to not renew the domain. 

This was done for several reasons chiefly:

Windows 8&10 killed all joy of working with windows for me. I haven't updated from windows 7 and refuse to. 
There has been almost zero support and donations from the tech side of my life in a loong time. Nothing for at least a year and well less that a couple hundred for @5years total. 

WPIW was coming on 14 years in November and had a long, good relatively successful run. My addons were pretty well received but I am not going to sell out and continue with these ventures. I want to thank you all for the good times and the bad and the memories. My email is and will remain as kelsenellenelvian@gmail.com feel free to drop me a line and I will still check in from time to time.

May you all fare well.

Due to the licenses sold for WPIW I cannot release the continuation of WPIW. However, if someone truly wants to continue this as something else let me know and well see what can be done.

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I have had a couple of requests for the last version. While I am not supporting or developing this anymore I still will post a link to download the last version developed.


Good luck to everyone and I am glad to see MSFN still up!

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I haven't used your application for years, today I've tried to update it because every time I reinstall windows on my computers, your app makes the procedure fan (and fun is also updating the apps in it for me)

Its so sad to see that this project is abandoned you and this didn't get what it deserves, at least I hope that you moved on and did something else more creative and more fun for you.


Sorry for my English I'm from greece

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