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Enter a carriage return without a linefeed?


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Is there a way on this forum to type a list of lines without having a blank line inserted when hitting Enter?

Like the blank space between these two lines, is there a way to not have that? What if for some reason I want to type out a poem in iambic pentameter, in four line stanzas? Having an extra blank line between every line would not look right. Hit Enter twice between? Aside from poetry, there's quite a number of things for which having minimal space between lines of text is useful.

If there's not a bigger blank space above this line, then the forum strips 'excess' carriage returns. (Yes, I do go back to the ages past of WordStar and CP/M.)

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Sure. Hold "Shift" while you hit "Enter" and you won't get the "extra" line. Like this-
while if you hit "Enter" on its own you get the "extra" line, like this-

I believe the intention is that "Enter" on it's own is for a new paragraph, which usually gets a blank line.

Cheers and Regards

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The extra half-line used as a paragraph break is generated by the javascript.
Disable scripting and all breaks will be single-line.
Then a paragraph tag inline breaks <p>

to here.

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