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Port WINE to Windows?


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9 hours ago, dencorso said:

If they run 10 x32, they ought to run 7 x32 even better. You sure they don't?

First they will run well but as day will go both 7/10 will hog down .

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I've run 10 x64 on a 2.5 Ghz Core 2 Duo with 4 gig. Runs better than 7. 10 is the first version of Windows to have lower minimum system requirements than the previous version, and from all the computers I've put it on, it looks like they really mean it. Still, I wouldn't want to try 10 on something like a Toshiba Satellite L35 with a max of 2 gig and a 1.6 Ghz Celeron M 420. "Vista Capable" my backside, especially with the 1 gig it currently has, especially when its ATi GPU doesn't have dedicated RAM. XP with less than a gig was bad enough. Some lighter weight Linux Distro and OpenOffice are likely in its near future.

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