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Three British Airways Passengers Only People on Flight


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Probably once in a lifetime to have a flight like this for common everyday people ... just got lucky when everything fell into place.

"Three women have said they were treated like "rock stars" when they found themselves alone on a British Airways flight for 150 people.

Laura Stevens, 34, said she and friends Sarah Hunt, 35, and Laurie-Lin Waller, 33, were upgraded to business class, drank Champagne and took selfies in the cockpit on the 2.5-hour flight.

The women were due to fly back to the UK on the 5.20pm flight from Gibraltar to London Heathrow on December 18 after enjoying a three-day break."

"We felt like celebrities, especially when we were given Champagne – it was the best Christmas present ever, we couldn't believe how kind and lovely everyone was.

"We were the only people in the departure lounge so staff let us use the executive suite, which is usually reserved for business flight passengers.

"Then we mentioned how we'd hoped to buy our family gifts at the airport, and staff opened shops so we could browse. It was as though we'd hired out the place just for us."

Three British Airways passengers treated like 'rock stars' when they found they were the only people on board their flight


Telegraph Reporters

23 December 2016

... there are pictures and the complete story at the link.


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Well, something *like* that happened to me once, around 1994 (Heck! More than 20 years ago!).

I had a ticket from Berlin to Florence with a new company (I seem to remember it was a sort of startup/spinoff of Lufthansa) that operated "regional" (EU only) daily flights cannot remember the name, using rather smallish jets (24 or 30 seats if I recall correctly) from Tempelhof (instead of Tegel).

When I arrived at the airport it came out that I was the only passenger that day, very, very correctly I have to say and UNLIKE what most other companies would have done (either have the passenger go through  a much longer route via Munich or Frankfurt or have dinner sleep at a hotel and leave the day after) they proposed me to get to Florence directly but with a smaller aircraft (a turboprop instead of jet) that would have taken some 1 hour more time and I accepted.

I was given access to the business lounge, then were driven (with a car) to the plane (an eight seat), no need to check in the luggage.

It was a tad bit more noisy than the jet, but all in all (thanks to the favourable winds) it wasn't much slower, and I remember it as a very enjoyable flight, I could chat with the pilot and co-pilot (this latter doubled as steward) was given excellent beverages and learned quite a bit of the operation of these smallish planes, and we landed in Florence only 45 minutes later than what the scheduled flight would have.



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I would also have enjoyed that "leisurely" flight through Europe ... a chance to talk with the pilot and crew. You didn't mention any champagne or three course meal ... like the lucky women had on their flight. Maybe you were lucky to get some wine and snacks ... maybe even a small meal.

Still sounds like a nice experience. The only experience I ever had ... not as lucky as you or the three women ... was on a Greyhound Bus in 1963 or 1964. I was taking the bus from Frederick, MD to Pittsburgh, PA ... had to stop at Hagerstown, MD in between. The bus also had many other stops on the way to Pittsburgh ... going through the mountains to various small towns. However, when I got to Hagerstown to catch the bus to Pittsburgh ... that bus had been filled with passengers already waiting at Hagerstown, so it left. When I got there from Frederick, the bus depot explained all this and said they were getting another bus ready to leave for Pittsburgh shortly.

So myself and two other people had the bus to ourselves and the bus didn't take the route through the mountains ... it went straight through over the PA Turnpike to Pittsburgh. However, I didn't get any champagne or a three course meal ... not even any peanuts!

The women lucked out due to circumstances and have some great memories from that experience ... till the next time they fly somewhere packed like sardines ... they will even appreciate that flight even more.


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