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Operating system options and possible issues

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Hi all!

I'm dealing with operating system options and I need to clear up a few components, most of which marked in red.
First, nLite suggests to remove Command-Line Tools because of possible worm and viruses but someone claims that these tools could be very useful sometimes. Personally, I've never used such tools. Have you ever used those tools? Do you think they could be really useful?
Second, by removing File System Encryption I should be still able to install another tool like TrueCrypt. Is there an up-to-date addon for TrueCrypt? Or would you suggest a better encryption tool?
Third, many remove Help and Support but I would like to remove Help Engine too (specifically needed for Help and Support). Will I encounter possible issues?
Fourth, many remove Out of Box Experience and I would like to do the same. I have XP Pro and Home with activation codes (underneath the laptops). If I insert them in the specific nLite section, will I still need to activate Windows?

Follows the whole list all of options:

.Net Framework
16-bit Support
Administrative Templates
Administrator VB Scripts
Application compatibility patch
Auditing Compatibility Patch
Auditing Resource Dlls
Blaster/Nachi Removal Tool
Certificate Management
Color Schemes
Command-Line Tools
Desktop Cleanup Wizard
Disk and Profile Quota
Disk Cleanup
Document Templates
Dr. Watson
Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)
Extra Fonts

FAT to NTFS Converter
File and Settings Wizard
File System Encryption
File System Filter Manager
Format Drive Support
Group policy Management Console

Help and Support
Help Engine
IExpress WIzard
Input Method Editor
Internet Explorer Core
Jet Database Engine

Local Security Settings
Logon Notifications
Manual Install and Upgrade
MS Agent

MS XML 2.0
Out of Box Experience (OOBE)
Private character Editor
Remote Installation Services (RIS)
Search Assistant
Security Center
Service Pack Messages
Shell Media Handler
Symbolic Debugger (NTSD)
User Account Pictures
Visual Basic 5 Runtime
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes
Visual Basic Scripting Support

Web View
Zip Folders

This is the list of the components I would like to remove: Blaster/Nachi removal tool, Command-Line Tools, Desktop Cleanup Wizard, Disk Cleanup, DR Watson, File and Settings Wizard, File System Encryption, Help and Support, Help Engine, Manual Install and Upgrade, MS Agent, Out of Box Experience (OOBE), Private Character Editor, Remote Installation Services (RIS), Search Assistant, Security Center, Shell Media Handler, Symbolic Debugger (NTSD), Tour, Web View.
I'd really appreciate any suggestion regarding possible components to include in my list (and remove from XP) or even to take out (because I might encounter future issues).

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If you never used command line tools, you can remove them.

Remember, tomorrow morning, to remove the spare wheel, jack and tools from your car, you also never used them. :whistle:

Truecrypt is no more (since 2014). :(


It has been "replaced" by VeraCrypt (JFYI):


Help subsystem can be replaced (with some little caveats) with xchm:

https://sourceforge.net/projects/xchm/files/xCHM for Win32/


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