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CPU management for Windows XP (Sandy/Ivy Bridge and later)

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I had running ASUS X200CA with Windows XP but the CPU clock speed runs constantly which making laptop feels hot and drains battery quickly, that's why I didn't want running XP on my new K401LB to avoid them frying (due overheating).

So is any possible to manage CPU (primarily Ivy Bridge and later) properly to make laptop runs cooler so no overheating and battery efficient? Because Intel DPTF and CPCC not supported in XP

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6 hours ago, dencorso said:

For Ivy Bridge the mobo drivers ASUS offers for any P8Z68 or P8Z77 mobo should do fine. For Haswell and later, sorry, nothing that I know of works.

Hmmm, is it works with laptop? Because you provide the desktop driver hehehe

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