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Windows 2000 problem at setup

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I've tried install Windows 2000 on ASUS X200CA and my Core i3 desktop (H61 mobo) and the installer itself using XP-based NTDETECT.COM. When in Windows 2000 Setup and pressing F5 to choose ACPI PC (as blackwingcat suggest) but it ended up with BSOD, using IDE mode instead AHCI (strange huh?). W2K setup with XP-based NTDETECT runs flawlessly without BSOD in Toshitba NB305 netbook (in AHCI mode, but no HDD detected :P). Any solution about that? It's ending me to installing Windows XP on ASUS X200CA (unfortunatelly it was stripped version so not every features works)

One more, when I use W2k setup with Intel AHCI slipstreamed it say "iaStor.sys is corrupted" then ending to setup fail, strangely Windows XP can detect sys file flawlessly (although it was NT 5.x based kernel). Why?

I'm sorry if it's OOT (because bringing XP), because I'm mainly discussing W2K here. Thanks :)

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Well, I don't know much about this, but I can say that the "iaStor.sys is corrupted" is likely due to the fact that said driver may be designed specifically for XP* (2k and XP are largely the same, but there are a few architectural differences).

Beyond that, hopefully someone else who knows more than I about such things will chime in.

*This isn't necessarily true always. I tried installing 2k on a newish laptop, using a driver that was clearly designed for 2k, and I still got that message.


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Hope to have understood the question properly...

  • The drivers for "IDE" mode (which uses to mean mean P-ata, since every HDD is IDE for >30years) and for AHCI mode are nor compatible. Installing one driver and setting the Bios to the other mode raises an "inaccessible boot device" or a BSOD.
  • The W2k and Xp install Cd seem to make few checks on the drivers supplied by F6, so errors when choosing the driver, or writing or reading the diskette, crashes the install process in a later step.
  • The drivers by Intel for Xp can't run on W2k (BSOD), but BWC has ported some that I thankfully use on ich10r - H61 too?
  • The latest Intel disk host (southbridge) with Ahci drivers by Intel for W2k is the ich6 approximately. Definitely none for the H61.
  • The P-ata mode is really slower than Ahci and should be avoided. Switching between the modes in the Bios at each OS change is unbearable.
  • W2k's Ntldr and Ntdetect.com (which I believe must go together) can't start Xp. Xp's do start W2k as long as the register has not grown too much, which uses to take a few years. Which means that a dual-boot W2k+Xp can't work eternally by standard Microsoft means - a curse on their moustache!
  • The W2k and Xp install Cd put their own Ntldr and Ntdetect.com whatever is already present on a disk, so the user of W2k and Xp should better have copies of the files at hand and some independent means to boot the machine and access the boot volume. This can be a Linux live Cd, not too archaic so it knows to write on Ntfs.
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