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Outlook 2007 MSO.dll crash


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I have a customer that is having issues with Outlook 2007. When they try to reply to a certain customer if you keep the window open anywhere from 2-4 minutes, Outlook crashes. This only happens with one particular sender. I tried removing MSO.dll and letting office reinstall on launch but it doesn't resolve the issue. Has anyone else ran into this issue and know of a solution.

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Loosely, it may be some (background/automatic) attempt to "update" (the view, the reply, any e-mail account, contacts).

What has this particular sender "different" from other ones? Like a particular e-mail address (special characters or similar), a particular way the e-mail is formatted/encoded (plain text, html, etc.)?

Do you have the possibility to compare with a mail from another user/sender on the same domain?

I presume you already went through ALL the steps listed here :unsure::

Can you post the event log entry? Maybe some detail in it will give a hint to the possible cause.


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