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No internet access in Specialize pass with Anniversary Windows 10 (again!)

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I am using an Unattend.xml file to install Windows 10.

My .cmd file requires internet access during the Specialize pass. Windows 8\10 contains the network driver for my ethernet adapter, so there is no problem there.

On Windows 8.1, this is no problem.

On Windows 10 TH2 (last third? version) this is no problem

On Windows 10 TH2 (first version) - there is no internet connectivity (e.g. ping www.bbc.co.uk does not work)

On Windows 10 Anniversary (first version) - there is no internet connectivity (e.g. ping does not work) - I did not test the second release of TH2.

In other words, Microsoft fixed the bug in TH2 but the bug is now back in the Anniversary build!

It seems that there is no host name set up in the 'bad' versions (e.g. ipconfig /all shows no host name).

I can 'fix' the problem by running msoobe for 10 seconds and then killing the task - I then get a host name and ping works.

Does anyone know a better way of getting internet connectivity to work during the Specialize phase?

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Semi-random idea :w00t:, but maybe in SetupAct.log you can find more details on what actually msoobe does before you kill it. :unsure: and see if it is possible to go from there pinning down what is actually done...


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hi Steve, do u have unattend xml file for windows 10 anniversary update to share i have for windows 7 which works fine but not for windows 10 build 3607 like joining on domain etc.

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