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Anyone Successfully Installed Windows 2000 On Mac Pro?

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Yeah, I surmised as much. I don't think there is a way to disable the parallel or serial ports on a hardware level (indeed, the Mac Pro doesn't even have those ports, though some rudimentary support may remain in the chipset, causing the problem). Would it be enough to disable the drivers, if any, within Device Manager, I wonder?

I'm inclined to believe that it's a clash with the BIOS emulation, though. Too bad simply installing an XP MPS HAL wouldn't work.

Black Wing Cat is still actively developing KDW and Extended Kernel, so maybe he would consider incorporating patches that fix these issues? I doubt we could get HyperThreading support (that seems like it'd require a total rewrite, no?), but patching for these these Parallel/Serial Port and BIOS issues should be doable?


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I ran into the same issue with my Windows 2000 iMac install. BWC I think documented it first with a Mac Mini -- the Bios emulation provided by Apple doesn't work with any multi processor HALs, and the XP HAL isn't as functional -- some tasks performed by the HAL in 2000 are instead offloaded to other parts of the system in XP.

You might be better off trying to hack on the Mac legacy bios. Maybe if you can get Coreboot running on your Mac, then you can boot through that.

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Hi everyone, I had recently gotten a modded BIOS for my Acer Aspire One AOA150, but I need some help with configuring the BIOS. I had disabled the serial port as stated (the parallel port option is either not visible or doesn't exist), but Windows 2000 still doesn't boot. I also have settings for PCI slot irq priority, but I'm not sure if those settings will help fix the problem.

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