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Taskbar Tool-Tip Problem


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The icon tool-tip bubbles are appearing behind the Taskbar.  I know they're still there, because
I can see part of the tool-tip peeking out above the Taskbar.  The Taskbar is set to auto-hide.  

I've never seen this happen with any version of Windows.  Can it be fixed?

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I've got a huge collection of documents about how to fix an uncountable number of Windows bugs.
Until a few days ago, I never saw this tool-tip problem with any version of Windows.  Just lucky
I guess!!

NirCmd is one of my favorite apps.  That simple shortcut listed at the Raymond.CC blog seems
like the best solution.  I guess ToolTipFixer 2.0 is a more permanent fix, but we all have so many
processes running in the background, I'm reluctant to add another.

Thanks dencorso.

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